Organizations we donate to

Each month we will donate 5% of our sales to local non-profit. Check back monthly to learn more about the organizations that we support and see how you can join forces with us and support them too!

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December Donation:


Why did we choose this organization?  BestieGram's founder, Flo, is a Vietnamese Refugee.  She was only 3 months old when she arrived in the US and does not have any memories of the long heartbreaking journey her mother experienced. However, she did grow up with experiencing many of the challenges that first generation families push through.  Some of which are language barriers, prejudices, access to opportunity, schools and jobs.  However, with proper support from the community. Many refugee families thrive and end up contributing so much to our country.   

What do we hope to accomplish?

We aspire to lead a sponsorship circle and welcome a family of 5 into our community here in the PNW. The sponsorship is underway and we will share their story over the next three months.  If you are interested in supporting a sponsorship circle, please check out their site.  Note: you do not have to contribute fiscally to support refugees.  You can support their homecoming by helping procure home goods, furniture, school supplies etc through many buy/sell nothing social groups.  You can also provide support by volunteering to drive them to various appointments or helping to pick up and drop off donations.

Thank you customers for being a part of this journey! We could not have done this without your support of our business.