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Organizations we support

Each month we will donate 5% of our sales to local non-profit. Check back monthly to learn more about the organizations that we support and see how you can join forces with us and support them too!

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January - June 2022 Donation Recipients:



This community gem offers so many services such as support for aging community members, job search, immigration support, behavioral health, child and youth development, culturally supportive food bank and community classes supporting positive cultural identity.  During the height of the pandemic with asian hate was at an all time high, this organization provided food and support to so many of the elderly in the community.  This specific and immediate support was there when the community needed it most. ACRS continues to provide meals onsite and delivered. Now as many are finding their way back to the workforce, ACRS has stepped in high gear to support the Asian community, even providing translated support for newly arrived Afghan Refugees. 

Viet Nam Scholarship Foundation


Education is important for so many reasons. Even more so in countries with less opportunities for young girls and women.  Without education and a way to support themselves, many children, especially girls are forced into hard labor and sadly, sometimes forced into human trafficking.   VNSF was founded over 20 years ago when Anh Tam, the Founder, went to Viet Nam for the first time since his escape. There he and saw first hand the poverty that persisted in the country side.  He came back to Seattle after his trip determined to make a difference. 20 years later, VNSF, is still supporting hundreds of students in 5 provinces.  Whats extra special about this organization is that they support students throughout their education.  So if they join in primary school, VNSF is committed to support the success of this student for as long as they are willing to go, even if it means all the way through medical school. 



For over 25 years, this place has been a home and a place of pride for so many of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage.  Pasty formed this community center when she saw the need for a place to gather and a place to preserve culture through sharing food, dance, cultural education and business. For years, this fierce woman has and continues to advocate for this much needed space.  Each year, her dreams get bigger and she is the voice and the cheerleader that allows others to dream bigger too!  



For 60 years this low key, behind the scenes organization has been supporting education equality by supporting students with the bare essentials so they can focus on school and get ahead.  What we love most about this organization is that they put 100% trust in the teachers!  They provide annual funding and allow the teachers to use as they see fit.  This system built on trust allows students to obtain discreet support when they need it most. 

Here are some of the student testimonies that share why this organization is so special. 


December Donation:



Why did we choose this organization?  BestieGram's founder, Flo, is a Vietnamese Refugee.  She was only 3 months old when she arrived in the US and does not have any memories of the long heartbreaking journey her mother experienced. However, she did grow up with experiencing many of the challenges that first generation families push through.  Some of which are language barriers, prejudices, access to opportunity, schools and jobs.  However, with proper support from the community. Many refugee families thrive and end up contributing so much to our country.   

What do we hope to accomplish?

We aspire to lead a sponsorship circle and welcome a family of 5 into our community here in the PNW. The sponsorship is underway and we will share their story over the next three months.  If you are interested in supporting a sponsorship circle, please check out their site.  Note: you do not have to contribute fiscally to support refugees.  You can support their homecoming by helping procure home goods, furniture, school supplies etc through many buy/sell nothing social groups.  You can also provide support by volunteering to drive them to various appointments or helping to pick up and drop off donations.

Thank you customers for being a part of this journey! We could not have done this without your support of our business.