Weekly Warrior Gifts (Give Away)

Each week we select a social media warrior to gift a Bestie Gram.  

What makes someone eligible to be one of our weekly warriors? Here at Bestie Gram, we believe in spreading love and positivity into the world.  So if there is someone you know of that is making a positive impact in this world, please nominate them using this form here

The only requirement is that the person has a public social media account that we can review to ensure our values are aligned as well as a physical address where we can send the gift. 

Fun Fact: The reason we chose the word WARRIOR is because when our founder, Flo, was delivering her daughter the word WARRIOR was taped to a mirror in the delivery room.  When she asked the nurses if they put it up there as encouragement, they said they didn't realize it was there.  So another delivering mom must put it up and forgot to take it down. It ended up being a positive push (pun intended) for all the moms that made it into that room. It reminded each and everyone, just how strong we really are!

Here are the cards we just designed for our weekly warriors!



Our first weekly warrior winner. 



Our Second Weekly Warrior - Shannon Ivey of @IveyFamilyFarms